Our Story

   100+ Years of  Ancient Benefits   

For hundreds of years, few have understood the benefits to activated charcoal, clay beds,  ocher, mineral and natural remedies then those of traditional Egyptian, Sumerian and Aboriginal heritage. With such knowledge handed down from generation to generation it has become vitally important for us to not only continue this legacy but share such knowledge with the wider community. Bringing historically remedies to modern cultural was no easy task but with the trial an error we soon developed the perfect product.

So was founded Willow & Co Organics, today activated charcoal is rated a category 1 safe and effective food consumable making it key to our primary range. Clay and Ochre hold enormous amounts of rich minerals directly from the earth the very essence of our Dreaming range. Old remedies are repackaged modern and beautifully but the charcoal, clay and ochre inside remains its same humble self. Still unpretentious, black, brown, dusty and messy to use. In hundreds and thousands of ways natural resources touch our lives though we would rarely know it.

Resurrected from the fiery pits of ancient Aboriginal cultural, charcoal is one of the single greatest benefactors to the human race. Drug from the depths of the earth clay and ochre have been used for many cultural practises. From the dawn of civilisation, humans have held an intimate relationship with our natural resources. Distributed as a tool of technology and medicine they are used in numerous ways to benefit our lives improving inner, outer and overall health. Charcoal purifies the water we drink, the air we breathe and detoxifies the soil in which we grow. Clay and ochre sooth our souls while reconnecting with mother earth and cleansing our energies.

Our resources play an incredibly significant role in restoring, improving and maintaining our everyday lives and health. Now with Willow & Co these same benefits are available to you.

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